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5 Easy Copywriting Tips Business Coaches Can Use to Get Massive Sellouts

Are you a business coach and have been wondering why is it so hard to write a high converting copy?

No matter how much expertise, soul, or creativity you put into it, the views still do not turn into sales. Though, I am not saying that views are not important.

So, what are you missing? What is that secret juice that your potential customers crave? If you are starting to lose faith in the effectiveness of good copywriting, do not despair just yet.

copywriting tips

Here are five easy copywriting tips you can try now to get massive conversions

1) Keep it direct to the point

Remember how annoyed and confused you felt reading something that seems to go on and on?

Gave you a nasty headache? I bet it did.

That is how your readers will feel if you keep beating around the bush. Make your copy specific, straight to the point, and easy to read.

TIP: Have a draft of the essential things you want to tackle, and just list 1-2 sub-points that will support your main topic. It’s concise but informative, helpful but not monotonous.

2) Jazz things up!

The current generation we have right now is highly visual. So much more with the rapid rise of TikTok, wherein videos are the end all be all of the media.

People seldomly read. And they hate it more if the copy sounds boring.

Solution? Break the flow.

Mix your copy with both long and short sentences. Play with words.

See what I did there? Break that flow!

3) Cut your jargon

I know that it has been imperative in a coach's line of work to use jargon.

You have processes and techniques that are exclusively your own, and you might have a name for those phrases, and I get it.

However, your potential audience might be composed of overworked employees or business owners who want more with their lives or careers. Avoid adding to their fatigue by using lots of words that only you can understand.

Tone down the slang and reach out to your potential audience with the language they speak and comprehend.

Trust me; they will love you more for it.

4) Speak to them like a friend

How do you talk to your friends? You do it like it is only the two of you in the world, right?

It’s always ‘I’ and ‘You’. You address your friend's feelings directly, and you do not refer to them in the third person set-up.

Talk to your audience directly and refer to them like they are the only person you are talking to right now.

TIP: Always put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Do you like what you are reading? No? Then change it.

5) Talk to one person only

One of the most common mistakes in writing marketing copy is making it for the general public.

I'm sure people who do that have good intentions in their hearts. They want to be inclusive.

Plus, making your copy speak to everyone will get you tons of sales, right?


It might not even sell a thing. You see, copywriting is advertising.

If you are selling maternity dresses and write your copy to include everyone - even men, kids, elderly and non-pregnant women; will that make sense?

Also, your audience - the pregnant women - might even feel like you do not truly understand them. Obviously, they will never buy from you, plus you are only wasting your time and theirs.

To sum it all up, copywriting isn’t that hard. You just need to know who your audience and buyers are, cater to THEIR needs and not yours, and the rest will follow.

Are you still having a hard time writing for your customers?

Book a no-strings-attached discovery call with me here

and see if I can help you.

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