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5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media for Your Coaching Business

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You’re not a real coach without social media, and here’s why!

In a world of distraction, social media is still king. The internet is covered in social media, so the growth of your business must be about more than just a website.

The world has shifted from traditional selling to referral. Social media is a key to building more trust, getting more clients, and making more money. I hope you’re not thinking about doing it all yourself.

Otherwise, for now, you’re just wasting your time.

 social media manager for coaches

Becoming a social media star is the goal for many people. Still, it’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the benefits of social media for personal development coaches.

I get it. You're focused on helping your clients build their vision boards, not becoming an Instagram influencer. You have good reason to be. Social media can help you attract new clients, find more time for yourself, and even make more money.

When considering social media for your coaching business, you need to think bigger than just posting inspirational quotes and selfies, though—you can use it as a tool to reach new clients who want to work with someone who's a thought leader in the field!

Here are five reasons why you need social media:

1. You'll be able to reach out to people who need you. This is great because, let's face it: many people in this world could use someone to talk to. And that someone should be you!

2. You can make your business more visible online. For example, if you have a Twitter account, that will show up when people search for coaches on Twitter. And that means the possibility of more clients, right?!

3. You can get better at using social media by using it! It makes sense, doesn't it? The cliché practice makes perfect does sound apt with this.

4. You can connect with other personal development coaches faster and easier than before. Referral and affiliate marketing are kings in the coaching world, PLUS, who wouldn’t want a network of like-minded individuals? Not me.

5. If you don't use social media, nobody will know that you exist, which is kind of sad, isn't it? And if no one knows you exist as a business, where will you get the income to sustain your business?

The point is that social media isn’t one thing. It’s not a fad. It’s not just a giant time-suck. And it’s certainly not dead.

Instead, social media is what you make of it—you can use it for good or wickedness, networking and building, or wasting time. Your top priority should be to meet people where they are—that means in the places where they spend their time online—and connect with them there.

That is the only way your presence on social media will genuinely add value to your coaching business.

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